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The use and applicability of environment monitoring solutions is on the rise and as a leading distributor Techzone Dubai, has been at the center of this change. We deliver high- quality environment monitoring systems by world-class brands that keep your IT equipment safe and functional.

Typically Server rooms contain heavy equipment and essential wiring, that its maintenance and preservation poses a great challenge. Many organisations are learning the importance of not just spending on IT equipment but also safeguarding it against potential damage by investing in disaster management. The major factors affecting the smooth functioning of a Datacentre’s operative systems are humidity, heat, smoke, and electricity.

Techzone, over the years, has become a reliable distributor of surveillance equipment that make life a whole lot easier and safer. Our Environment Monitoring systems are well equipped with temperature sensors, humidity sensors, power sensor, flood sensor and smoke sensors. This enables the system to monitor and raises alert notification over critical environmental conditions like temperature, humidity, power, flood, intrusion and smoke. Techzone provides Temperature and Environmental Monitoring Sensor equipment for Data Center, Server Room, Computer Room, Cold Storage, Health Club, Hospitals and Schools. Get the best Environment monitoring system in Dubai UAE from Techzone showroom.

Our eminent brands include Avtech a globally recognised manufacturer of Environment Monitoring Systems. We distribute environment monitoring systems like Room Alert System Dubai UAE to our versatile customer base spread universally. Our temperature monitoring systems offer the widest ranges of temperature sensor, humidity sensor, Wi-Fi sensor, and data logger. We are the sole distributors of the most widely used Avtech Environment Monitoring Systems and hot selling models of temperature monitoring systems for server room.

Room Alert 12E is a disaster management device with a room temperature alert that notifies you via email, email-to- SMS, SNMP and others on your computers, mobile phones and mobile devices in case of any issues detected by the in-built sensors. These environment monitors find use in server rooms, data centers, and network closets across small and large businesses and organizations.

Server Rooms typically house thousands of dollars’ worth of electrical and computing equipment, often storing proprietary data, customer accounts, or other sources of valuable information that represents the lifeblood of the business. IT and Server Room environments require efficient monitoring processes for temperature, humidity, and water detection. A fully-automated monitoring system can help prevent overheating of servers, moisture/rust buildup on equipment, and flooding in mission critical environments like IT.. Server room monitoring devices can help us prevent overheating in Server Rooms and prevent disaster well in advance via advanced notification.

Viruses, spyware, and network threats get most of the attention, but environmental factors like heat, humidity, airflow, smoke, and electricity can be equally devastating to IT equipment, and thus to a company’s operation. Configure data center monitoring devices alert notifications to receive Email, SMS, SNMP or voice call alarms to notify you when something goes wrong.  Humidity monitoring devices is essential to take control of your IT environment. Adding smoke monitoring devices to your security system is the best way to protect your office, home and family from fire 24 hours a day.

Flood warnings are more severe, and are issued if widespread flooding is expected across a large region, or if flooding is imminent or actively taking place. An effective flood alert system should be based on the regular collection of local rainfall, stream level, and stream flow data. This can be done through routine monitoring, in which operating personnel make visits to stream gage and precipitation measuring sites, but a real-time monitoring system with telemetry can make data collection easier — and in many cases, more cost-effective — while allowing for the fastest possible response to a flood event.

An intruder alert system is very useful for both home and office. Our purpose is to help you safeguard the things that matter the most, creating you an individual security solution that meets your needs. It's a fact -- many burglars are scared off by the mere presence of a security system. Burglars attack unprotected homes up to three times more often than homes with a professionally installed electronic security system.

Whether you’re just curious about what happens when you're not around or just want to ensure all round security, a remotely manageable solution is definitely the right solution. For instance, a motion detection cameras starts recording when there is some movement and for added peace of mind, you can have an instant alert sent to your email – with a snapshot of the scene and a link to the video. These are mainly used in Server rooms for intrusion detection and to monitor unauthenticated access. Apart from these there are various server room monitoring device which takes care of the server rooms. Real time temperature monitoring systems are kept in server rooms because of high risk. Needless to say, for your server rooms and data centres to function properly, you need to maintain a smooth & favourable internal environment and monitor it in real time to make sure things stay the same. This is why you need high quality server room monitoring devices. These monitors provided by our resellers, who are the authorised Server Room Monitoring Companies in Dubai UAE helps keep a careful watch on the temperature conditions inside your server rooms and report you immediately in the event  of anomalies.


Quality and affordability are of utmost significance and we have ensured to take care of the same while offering all our product range to our valuable customers. Techzone Technologies LLC are authorised distributors, resellers and partners for premium brands of innovative IT, Security & Telecom products in Dubai. Some of the leading brands that we represent: