Hotel Locks | Key Card Systems Dubai, UAE

Techzone Technologies, LLC, Dubai, understands the appeal of high-end products in the market today. Our hotel locks solutions to meet the aesthetic and durability demands of our image- conscious clientele in the hotel and luxury industry.

Techzone caters to the lodging & hospitality industry, by offering intelligent hotel door lock systems with an access control panel. These hotel room lock systems are developed with the finest quality raw materials and are infused with advanced technology like keycard system and lock management software. We vouch for the elegant design and strong body that shields the system from a strong external force. Techzone is a leading hotel lock distributor in Dubai UAE for unique products and services of Hospitality industry in Dubai.

As a leading hotel door lock dealer in Dubai UAE, Techzone offers a wide range of hotel lock solutions in Dubai UAE like hotel card lock, hotel room locks, Guestroom Locks, Hotel Energy Saver, Energy Saver Switch, Guestroom Occupancy, Guestroom Minibar, Do Not Disturb Sign, Hotel Do Not Disturb Switch, Hotel Minibar , proximity & fingerprint locks, RFID locks, Hotel Electronic Safe and hotel safe that guarantee your security and convenience. The RFID Hotel Keycard Access like are wired to a software that is used to connect the mechanism of the card swipe to the rest of the electronic entry system. We are the experts when it comes to designing, manufacturing, and supplying full color custom RFID hotel key cards. From custom design RFID hotel guest cards, to promotional and special event key cards, we do it all.

Our belief system mandates a quality-over-quantity approach towards work. Hence, we partner with first-rate brands that use their years of expertise to fashion superior hotel door lock systems in Dubai UAE for the quality conscious customers. Techzone is the major hotel lock suppliers in Dubai UAE, being a one stop shop for Hotel Card Key System and security products for hospitality industry. Hotel security experts, along with media pundits, the courts, and the insurance industry all agree that keycard locks, which can be easily changed so that every guest gets a new key, are the best way to boost security.

Many electronic access control locks use a Wiegand interface to connect the card swipe mechanism to the rest of the electronic entry system. Newer keycard systems in Dubai UAE use radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology such as the TLJ infinity. RFID cards contain a small chip and induction loop which the transmitter on the keycard reader can access. The main advantages with RFID cards is that they do not need to be removed from the wallet or pass holder – as the keycard reader can usually read them from a few inches away. For the best price on RFID Hotel Keycard Access Systems, visit our Techzone Outlet in Dubai. We are one among the major hotel card key system suppliers in Dubai UAE.