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Server Room Monitoring Devices

An environmental monitoring system provides a distinguished example for the various sensors and devices that must be combined to create a tenacious M2M/IoT system.  Consider a cloud connected environmental monitoring system with high precision air pollution sensors and real time data access.  The system must be rugged and compact to withstand the elements and designed to monitor traffic, industrial, construction and urban areas for temperature, gaseous pollutants, particulates, electromagnetic fields, radioactivity, and sound pollution.   To add another layer of complexity, the system must be built to seamlessly connect to the cloud and send data from the field to the business application in real time.

Using this IT-centric approach to implement the device logic in smart edge devices such as the environmental monitors, offers a solid foundation for effective and secure data, device and embedded application management.  Once this Multi-Service Gateway approach is in place, adding, changing and connecting sensors, actuators and the essential local applications as well as connecting them to the cloud is simpler than it has ever been before.

Hacking into your refrigerator or controlling the thermostat is not something that may cause some severe panic. But just imagine, people spying into your security cameras, accessing your garage doors, twitching with your alarm system. Such things are really vulnerable in the present state when everything is connected to the internet. IoT has proved its vast advantages and made life easy for thousands of people. But along with all the burgeoning smart home technology, the frontiers for cyber crime will also expand, and the well-known security risks to your PC and credit card could become true for your refrigerators, coffee pots, and security systems. Right now, the Internet of things is like computer security was in the nineties, when everything was new and no one had any security standards or any way to monitor their devices for security.

There are a number of ways to keep track of indoor climatic conditions. The most frequently used of these is the use of a small, basic data logger. For certain applications a data logger is sufficient, for instance building monitoring where there is no danger of damage to stock and you simply need the records for reference purposes. Employing a temperature monitoring system will save you money in the long run, on wasted stock, product recalls etc. If there is a potential problem, you will be notified immediately, before it is too late. All reports are put together automatically so that you don’t have to put any effort. These will be collated and sent to you each morning via email. Reports can be sent directly to you via email, SMS or App so you don’t need to waste time checking each individual logger.

Air quality monitors are not new. In fact, we all have one built right in the middle of our face. Unfortunately, our noses are sometimes unreliable when they fail to detect odourless noxious gases or we’re fast asleep while a fire smoulders somewhere close by. Many residential, industrial and commercial air quality detectors are off the electrical grid and are powered by a small battery such as a coin cell or AA Cells.  So, low power consumption is a high priority because it will affect how often the detector’s battery must be replaced. In most use cases, the longer the battery life, the more beneficial the detector is for users. Homeowners would prefer to install a smoke detector and not have to change the battery for 10 years or more. In industrial settings, such as a production line on a factory floor, a gas monitor could conceivably be installed in a hard-to-reach or hazardous location. Not having to frequently install new batteries can improve the efficiency and throughput of the production line by reducing downtime for maintenance.

Floods are caused by many different incidents including natural disasters as well as manmade causes. Natural disasters include mudflows, flash floods, and heavy rains. Most manmade floods occur with a pipe bursting, plumbing problems, or when a malfunctioning water heater is present. 70% of floods are actually due to water heaters bursting or leaking.

Attempting to seal the perimeter of your home with waterproof materials could save your home from damage. It is also a good idea to create an emergency plan for valuables and your family’s safety.It is important to protect your home before a flood or disaster occurs. The best way to protect your home from damage is with a flood monitoring system installed in order to always ensure you are aware as soon as the flooding starts. 

Most data centers or server rooms are built specifically for the purpose of housing computer equipment and are well insulated for temperature as well as fire precautions. They also have their own HVAC system designed to maintain the proper temperature within the room. Unfortunately these HVAC systems are not generally tied to the server system and cannot determine the temperature at each specific server location. There may be areas of your server room that do not have proper ventilation, causing warm or cold areas where a server may be located. 

Accordingly, most of the leading manufacturers requires a connected monitoring system that would enable automatic real-time data acquisition, remote control of operating parameters and automatic alarm alerts when temperatures reach pre-set thresholds. Graphs showing the historical temperature variation trends during the operational hours are also required for quality report audits and aids in policy enforcement.


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