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Reliable Environment Alert System

Techzone provides Temperature and Environmental Monitoring Sensors/equipment for Data Center, Server Room, Computer Room, Cold Storage, Health Club, Hospitals and Schools. Avtech that enables us to be one of the best server room monitoring companies in Dubai. Experience the best quality server room monitoring devices with us at Techzone

Techzone is an authorised distributor of Avtech Room Alert Environment monitoring systems in Dubai UAE.   Avtech products carry the brand value and the quality that Avtech have meticulously developed over the years. These products are currently in use in a large number of businesses which have derived great performance from them and can vouch for their quality and functionality. 

Datacentre Environment Monitoring systems are in great demand and now with surplus manufacturers in the market, the difficulty is only in getting the best and most reliable Environment Alert System. With premium brands such as Avtech, they deal in nothing but the best server room monitoring devices and equipment. When it comes to security solutions and business resources related data centre monitoring devices, you cannot go wrong if you buy the right products from trusted brand Room Alert System in Dubai UAE.

Businesses deploy servers for data storage and communication among different divisions and departments. These servers form one of the most important backbones of a business and add significantly to the smooth functioning and productivity of a business. For such intricate and high performance device TEMPERATURE MONITORING SYSTEM needs, look no further than Techzone, your first choice of Avtech distributors in Dubai. 

Business servers are critical machines which need the right set of conditions and the right environment to function properly. Hence, it is of utmost importance to have dedicated rooms with proper environment monitoring system for servers in your company premises and to carefully monitor and maintain the environment in these rooms. For solutions which ensure that your servers run optimally and stay healthy, products from Avtech are the perfect room alert solution and real time temperature monitoring systems 

Avtech is a real-time monitoring system and sends SMS Alert, E-mail Alert & Call Alert for Room Temperature, Fire, Humidity, Motion detection or if any of the assigned parameter is triggered by the Environment Monitoring Sensor. Humidity monitoring devices, smoke monitoring devices, flood sensor, power sensor and the motion sensor can be integrated to any stem to even act as an intruder alert system. 
The motion detection capability of the sensor alerts the user if there is any intrusion in the premises. Avtech is the most preferred real-time server room monitoring device for accurate temperature monitoring system for server room.

 Being an Avtech authorised Distributor in Dubai, we are the preferred dealer by all server room monitoring companies in Dubai UAE.