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People Counting Systems In Dubai

Techzone is a leading provider of people counting systems such People counters for retail shops, libraries, public premises and people counting system for shopping malls.

There was a time when the industrialists said that they could improve business performance based purely on people counters, knowing who was coming into the store or shopping centre, and when. However, this got solved by the invention of people counting systems. Now they can understand consumer behaviour in minute detail, in order to profit.

Footfall counter technology isn’t obsolete, but today it should form the basis of deeper, more detailed engagement. Retailers and shopping centres must supplement people counting with solutions that provide accurate knowledge of where consumers move during their journey, how long they linger at each point, and how many visits convert into a sale.

By doing this, the retail industry can begin to create a comprehensive picture of their customer base, rather than just the ‘moment in time’ that a footfall traffic counter offers. The richer information not only starts to build up detailed customer profiles; it can highlight immediate areas for improvement.

What are People Counters ?

People counters are electronic systems that utilize readers mounted at entrances to count people as they walk into a facility or zone. People counting technologies are relatively established in the era of smart locations and buildings. While people counting seems rather self-explanatory, these technologies includes floor sensors, video counters, beam counters, mobile and WiFi tracking, and as well as thermal tracking technologies, and are used by a number of different industries to determine how people visit and interact within physical spaces.

Retail Traffic Counting Systems

We believe that successful marketing increases sale, but for a retail organization or any business that aims to bring people to their location, marketing should bring more traffic. Once you measure traffic, you can clearly understand the effectiveness of every money you spend on marketing.

People counting technologies are capturing marketing insights through foot traffic data, such as dwell time, daily visits, and the routes and patterns consumers are navigating throughout a store. Retailers are testing new products and their display effectiveness based on the amount of traffic and engagement a key display receives on a consistent basis. People counting technologies also allow businesses to predict peak traffic times across days and even seasons, enabling them to optimize staff schedules to save money on wages, and improve the level of customer service shoppers receive in-store. People counting technologies allow retailers to see when and where long lines and bottlenecks occur, enabling the company to optimize their in-store floor plan. 

Outdoor People Counting Systems

Mobile phone based people counting has proven to be a cost effective tool to gain new insight to people movements. This is vital information for Metros, Malls, Railway Stations and Airports to streamline their business operations. Customers have been very satisfied for the new and accurate measuring model, which provides them the data to understand better how to persuade the customers from the people flow.

Distributors of People Counting System in Dubai

Techzone is a leading provider and supplier of top-of-the-line brands of People Counting Systems and solutions. Techzone offers a wide range of people counting solutions to provide companies and organisations with actionable information to achieve operational efficiency and maximize profit. 

Our solutions also help organisations make informed decisions about marketing, facilities management, staffing, security, IT operations and other areas of operation.

Techzone, located at the heart of Dubai and backed by a team of highly experiences IT veterans, is committed to providing high quality and reliable IT solutions. Techzone's People Counting Solutions take advantage of a range of high-tech solutions including retail analytics, security management applications, queue and infrastructure management applications.

This commitment to quality is what makes Techzone the preferred vendor to our channel partners in Dubai and across UAE.