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Techzone is one of the main distributor, supplier of various brands of Access control system in the helm of Middle East, dedicated to provide high quality and reliable IT products and solutions.

Access control system is a broader context of identity management, physical security, and IT security which help you regulate who, or what can access a specific place or a specific resource. When a user’s credentials get presented to a reader, the system compares that user’s credentials against an access control pre-defined list and decides whether to either grant or deny access. While this very simple, single factor authorisation is still prevalent, more sophisticated access control looks for additional authenticating credentials in the form of either a PIN or passphrase or a smart card or biometric scan in highly secure environments.


Need of Access Control Systems

Most small as well as large businesses are worried, or more like obsessed about their security and we are not just talking about data security but also the physical security of the employees at their workplace. And they are right to do so. Most of them may choose to hope for the best when it comes to security and to reduce costs instead of taking precautionary measures to secure their businesses. An access control system is a tool to have a complete in-house remote control over your business’ security which can be customised according to individualised solutions.

Do you have some employees that are only allowed in the building at certain times of the day, such as the field staff or that are only required at the night time and a few times every week?  An access control system can be used to restrict their access at any other time of day when they are not expected or needed in the office. Access control systems are available in a variety of sizes and for different purposes. Their customization makes them ideal for any business. Although many companies rely on the ID badges that are identified with the individual security codes with wireless entrances and keypads, a remote and automated control system can offer your company with some additional benefits.


Biometric Access Control Systems

Biometrics access control has become one of the most demanding and popular security systems for homes and offices as it is a better way to keep them secure. Biometrics has been used for the purpose of identification for a long time. Previously, they were very expensive and used at some special places that require high security. Now, the advancement in technology has improved biometrics access control systems and devices. Now these devices are available at a fairly lower cost. Many biometrics devices are available in the market. The most famous among them is fingerprint lock biometric access control system. These locks require fingerprint to get access granted. Biometric access control solution has become the most useful system in modern day. Biometric is becoming the key of future as it is increasingly used by small and large enterprises alike for enhanced security. A good security access control system also gives peace of mind along with security.


Resellers & Suppliers of Access Control Systems Dubai

Techzone is one of the main distributor, supplier of various brands of Access control system  in the helm of Middle East, dedicated to provide high quality and reliable IT products and solutions. The company is located in the heart of Dubai and backed by a team of IT veterans. We provide solutions to Access control system companies in Dubai to meet their security and attendance needs. We are the preferred vendor by most of the channel partners in Dubai, UAE since we have always extended them support, while having the required expertise in engineering standalone and enterprise solutions.


Quality and affordability are of utmost significance and we have ensured to take care of the same while offering all our product range to our valuable customers. Techzone Technologies LLC are authorised distributors, resellers and partners for premium brands of innovative IT, Security & Telecom products in Dubai. Some of the leading brands that we represent: