PIN Based Access Control Systems

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A personal identification number (PIN) is a numeric password that can be used to authenticate a user to a system. With the pin system, all you need to do is type in the pin code and the door access would be provided. This is an ideal solution if there are only a few people, who would be granted access to a door. You can always change this pin if you want to give yourself that added level of security. Pin systems are ideal for front reception desks and offices.
The Pin based access control system controls entrance doors using a configurable digital PIN number system. Each employee is given a pin number that specifically identifies them at entrance point. If you choose to connect them, you will be able to monitor exactly who and when they use their code in your building or office premises. This option usually works best when employees have access to only a few entrance doors.
Pin based access control systems are probably the least expensive, but also provide the lowest protection.  A PIN number can be forgotten or someone can see the key number entry.  There are two types of keypad systems, one that is included with the lock (sometimes referred to as key-less entry) and another type that includes a separate keypad and electric lock. The simple mechanical lock with keypad is primarily designed for home use but can also be used by small businesses.  The problem with this system is that it doesn’t have the ability to contain unique numbers, so it is difficult to control when there are many people using it.  If someone leaves the organization you have to change the number that everyone else uses. 
The model with a separate keypad is used to control an electric lock on the door.  It is usually used with a central control box that stores an individual code for each person registered in the system.  This system can be used to control access on multiple doors, but it must be used correctly to assure security.  There will be situations where organizations have issued the same number for everyone.  This type of situation provides very little security.   The database allows you to register each person, and assign the rules about when and where they can enter.  This is more secure but still has problems with probability of number being stolen and dependency on people having to remember the number. 
With a pin number, all you know is that whoever is trying to gain access knows the PIN code. You don’t know if the person using the PIN code is the person associated with that PIN code. And PIN codes, not being attached to any physical object, can be shared and passed on as often as one would like. Now, there is also an option to add a video camera over the door to add an additional layer of security, but that requires a human check . The video feed has to be continuously monitored to verify the person’s identity, and in this case you are paying a human to act as a biometric device anyway (without the benefits of automation).
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