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Matrix which was founded in 1995 is a reputed company that provides an automatic attendance marking system which records attendance data of a user and generates various reports for further use if any. Matrix also provides International Telecom Solutions to Indians on their foreign travels.

Techzone Technologies LLC, Dubai, is a principal distributor of Matrix in Dubai presenting Matrix Time Attendance Systems in Dubai. We are authorized distributor of Matrix Access Control System & Time Attendance Systems in Dubai. Being a leading Matrix Security Distributor in Dubai, we are most preferred vendor for Matrix security and telecom solutions. Authorised partner  of Matrix telecom and security solutions in UAE and trusted Matrix time attendance system suppliers in Dubai.
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With a wide range of access control systems products available in the market, choosing one that fits your requirement can be a complicated affair. Often confused by the variety of decorated features offered by various brands, users end up paying for something that they don’t require and later realize it doesn’t fit their actual requirement. Techzone one of the leading distributor of Matrix security system will help you sort out your problem by suggesting which one would fit your requirement.
When an organization is to choose data centres for storing its important data and information, security becomes the topmost criterion during the selection process. Matrix has the most robust and reliable Access Control solution that can enhance security of your data centres. The highly secure biometric authentication access, ensures that the data centre access cannot be tampered and is granted only to the right individual.
Accurate Time Attendance Reports and On time Payroll Processing for WPS (Wage Protection System) is equally important to organisations and employees. Matrix provides highly accurate time attendance reports for processing payroll or WPS. To make it happen, all payroll inputs must be accurate in terms of shifts, holidays and overtime or deductions. One of the inputs that is automated is attendance data of employees and the additional data can be customised as per each organisation’s requirement.. Matrix COSEC Time-Attendance is a fully integrated and automated solution starting from recording punch data to Generating reports or Payroll Integration. It’s uniquely different integration with multiple options facilitate organizations to integrate it with any payroll software such as ERP or HRMS.


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Techzone is leading provider of wide range of Matrix products in Dubai, UAE. We are led by professionals with years of experience in the industry and known for highest quality services.