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As one of the leading Magnetic locks and brackets Distributors in Dubai UAE, we at Techzone understand the importance of magnetic locks and the way they have evolved over the years. Magnetic Locks and brackets have come a long way. They now can be considered strong and efficient security tools which can be used in the most sensitive settings to great effect. Being the leading Electro Magnetic locks and brackets suppliers in Dubai UAE, it is our commitment to make the latest technologies in locks and brackets available to all. As one of the foremost access control lock dealers in Dubai, we take our product selection processes seriously. All our products are carefully chosen to ensure that only highest quality is offered to our customers. In this endeavor, we source the newest EM locks and brackets technologies from the top manufacturing brands around the world.
When it comes to safety and security for your home or office, nothing is enough to ensure your protection. You can never know what or who can invade your space. Yes, there are bulky locks and bolts that are widely used to protect your belongings, credentials and other valuable assets but the risks of larceny are still very high with breaking such locking systems. For a hi-end technology, manual locking systems are now considered barbaric. Automated locking mechanisms are taking over the traditional locks because of the better security they offer. The systems are usually offered with different access controls which generally include either a card type system, key code or transmitter type system.

Electromagnetic Locks

EM Locks or Magnetic locks consist of an electromagnet and an armature plate. By attaching the electromagnet to door frame and the armature plate to the door, a current passing through the electromagnet attracts the armature plate holding the door shut.

Magnetic door locks require a constant source of power. When power is lost, the magnet will not work. Unlike an electric lock, a magnetic lock has no interconnecting parts and is therefore less suitable for high security applications. The advantages of a magnetic lock are that it is easy to install and quick to operate. However, magnetic locks are generally less secure because they become inactive when power is lost. However, technology has provisions to prevent this threat as well.
ZL- Bracket is used for EM-Lock Support on WALL. For in-swing door, to install the magnet with the L bracket, and to install the armature plate with the Z brackets. The Z brackets are adjustable to suit the door situation
U-Brackets for Access Control Systems are used for Magnetic Locks & glass doors. These are used with magnetic electric locks. U Bracket is easy to mount and is adjustable for glass doors of varying thicknesses. U Brackets for Access Control Systems has low maintenance cost and high Durability.

Electric Strike Locks

An electric strike is a mechanically operated strike that releases a door when the mechanical part is activated. Activation occurs with either the pressing of a panic bar from inside the building or when activated by an electronic key card or fob reader outside of the building. The electric strike lock is more secure in the event when the power goes out, the door is still secure. Exiting while there is a power outage is still possible via the panic bar which is inside the building. The panic bar will de-activate the lock so that the door is released.

RIM Locks

A rim lock, or rim latch, is a lock you can mount on the outer surface of your door. Since it's usually used in addition to other, internal locks, it's often called an auxiliary lock. Rim locks, like most other locks, consist of a lock body mechanism (the bit you attach to the door) and a strike (the bit on the doorframe that the latch clicks into). Depending on your security needs, there are several different types you can choose from.
Rim locks are most effective when used in addition to your regular door locks-so even after you've installed a quality rim lock, don't forget to fasten your other locks, too. With the extra security of a rim lock, however, you can rest a little easier knowing that your home and your belongings are much safer.


Dealers of Locks and Brackets in Dubai

We at Techzone supply consistent quality locks like bolt locks, electric bolt locks, RIM locks, electric strike locks and various brackets to our versatile clientele and it is widely used in buildings, offices, institutes, homes and construction industries. Our brackets for glass doors allow easy mounting and are applicable on glass doors of varying thickness. The biggest USP of these products is its affordability, low maintenance, and durability.


Quality and affordability are of utmost significance and we have ensured to take care of the same while offering all our product range to our valuable customers. Techzone Technologies LLC are authorised distributors, resellers and partners for premium brands of innovative IT, Security & Telecom products in Dubai. Some of the leading brands that we represent: