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Cotell Distributor In Dubai

Techzone Technologies is a notable Cotell distributor in Dubai. Techzone provides Cotell products to all hotel groups and is re-seller partners with the most advanced technology including analog and IP phones, connectivity panels, clock radios and in-room control switches.

The Fuego SmartStation Economy is a Cotell telephone and has proved to be very popular with leading hoteliers.

With over 15 years of expertise, Cotell offers smart and quality hospitality communications solutions in Dubai as well as the rest of the UAE.  Innovation and cutting edge products They cater to some of the world's most esteemed hotel brands. The company has their own Fuego SmartStation Series of guestroom telephones, available in analog and IP technologies. Cotell offers the latest in technology with alignment with all new and existing telephone systems.  Try out the products at Techzone, your high-end electronic outlet in Dubai. 

Phones that reflects Hotel Brands

Cotell is at the vanguard of designs and manufactures of hotel phones, hotel phone faceplates, hotel phones system  for the world's leading hotels. The focus of the company is to build avant-garde products of high quality that offer exceptional value for money and impress guests by reflecting the respective hotel brand values.