Biometric Access Control Systems

Techzone Technologies is a leading security solution provider for Biometric Time Attendance and Access control System in Dubai, UAE. With strong support from companies who are pioneers in Biometric such as eSSL, Auxium and ZK Software, Techzone has now rich client list in UAE.

Biometrics access control systems have turned out to be one of the most in demand and continue to be the most preferred security systems for homes and offices, as it is one of the highest security systems available among latest innovation. The key goal of biometric access control system is to provide the access to an authorized individual only. Biometric access control systems require finger print or any other unique human feature to offer access to individuals. Actually, biometric system stores a fingerprint template that the system verifies each time a visitor comes and identifies the person according to the data recorded in server or on the system itself. Techzone as a leading distributor of Biometric Access Control Systems in Dubai, offer standalone as well as Enterprise Scalable Biometric Access Control Systems.
Biometrics has been used for the purpose of identification for a long time. Previously, they were very expensive and used only at selective places that required high security. Now, the advancement in technology has improved biometrics access control systems and devices and these devices are available at even lower costs. Techzone Technologies are authorised distributors of Biometric Access Control Systems in Dubai, UAE. Access Control systems in domestic premises are usually installed in flats and apartments with shared entry doors, or even premises with automatic gates and pedestrian gates.
The primary reason behind more and more organizations and personnel across the globe adopting biometric technology for access control is because traditional authentication tactics like passwords are insufficient for personal identification. Passwords only provide evidence or proof of knowledge whereas biometrics provides unique advantages because it relies on identifying someone by “who they are” compared to “what you know “or “what you have.” Companies get peace of mind by securing their premises with biometrics technology which is a necessity in a corporate environment. Personal identity and corporate security are the major concerns of this biometric security solution. With rapid advancement in technology, biometric access control system has become a popular choice of individuals. Biometric Access control offers the latest high-end security solutions for your valuable premises. Techzone Technologies are authorised distributors of Finger Print Biometric Access Control Systems, Palm Vein Biometric Access Control Systems, Eye Based Iris Scan Biometric Access Control Systems and so on. With our consultative approach, we can suggest the best Biometric Access Control Option suitable for your budget and security requirement.
Biometric identification management systems offer higher security, convenience, accountability, and accurate audit trails. Techzone is associated with various branded Biometric Access control providers. We are major dealers of Biometric Access Controls Systems in Dubai. Techzone is one of the leading Suppliers of high quality and wide range of Biometric Access Control Systems for Banks, Government Offices, Commercial Premises, Colleges, Schools and Industries.