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Auxin Distributor In Dubai

Techzone is leading Auxin distributor in Dubai.

Auxin is one of the leading manufacturers of security & networking products. The Company was started by a group of people who had greyed their hair in security industry and has its Head office based at Minneapolis, USA. Auxin has earned its reputation for reliability, affordability and durability across the Middle East and has been deployed across different industries, corporate and government organisations.

Auxin is a distinguished company known for its undertakings in planning, developing and delivering projects across various sectors such as energy, industry, water and environment. They handle turnkey projects in electrical, instrumental and automation sectors as well as provide engineering services through project consultancy as well as operation and maintenance. 

We have a large part of the Auxin brand of products and service available with us for you to make use of, making us the number one Auxin distributor in UAE. They are available at Techzone, your only technological outpost providing spectacular customer experience in Dubai.



Auxin offers a wide range of magnetic door locks and related accessories. Auxin magnetic locks come in a variety of models to suit various exit and entry applications. Auxin magnetic door locks are compatible with leading brands and can be integrated with all premium brands of access control systems .
The mounting brackets are an integral part in the installations of magnetic locks to both inward swing and outward swing doors. There are various types of locks and similarly different types of brackets corresponding to the lock and its application. Auxin is also a leading manufacturer of exquisite range of exit switches, toothless exit switches and stand -alone access control systems.

Auxin is a manufacture of one of the best video door phone systems for homes, with one- indoor –to-one outdoor  and one- indoor-to-three outdoor type  models.  These are again compatible with Auxin range of products and even other premium brands, making it the ideal choice for system integrators, where the consultants insist on multiple brands.


Auxin CCTV cameras and accessories have been the preferred choice of many system integrators and consultants in UAE.  Auxin CCTV Solutions are used by many of the leading Government and Private establishments across UAE and have been looked at as one of the most reliable & trusted brands.