Analog Camera distributors in Dubai

As a leading Analog Camera Distributor in Dubai we offer the best available price to our channel partners. We are the dealer of global brands like Hikvision, Dahua and CP Plus in Dubai and Middle East.

The cameras on an Analog CCTV system sends its video format of a traditional baseband over a BNC coaxial or UTP cable to a DVR. It digitizes the image in order to process it, then converts it back to analogue for transmitting the video to another analogue device, like a recorder (DVR) or a video monitor where it is stored on hard drives. They do not have any built-in web servers and do not require any maintenance, unlike IP cameras. The functions are carried out by the control equipment or the recording device. These systems also require a centralized power source for their cameras.

Most companies with existing CCTV systems will have largely analogue cameras and recording devices, probably a tape-based VCR. This is still by far the most common system in use the world over. Analog systems are increasing in obsolescense and lack the flexibilty on cost saving which new-style IP CCTV offers businesses of all sizes.

It is easy these days to convert an analogue CCTV system into a hybrid IP CCTV system which offers most, if not all of the benefits, flexibility and scalability of what a full networked CCTV installation would offer.

To achieve this there are various video encoding devices available which slot into an analogue system and convert the CCTV video feeds into a digital format for recording, playback and even remote monitoring. These IP video servers take a standard, traditional CCTV feed through standard BNC connectors and convert it on-the-fly (in real time) into a digital format compatible with IP recording platforms and internet browsers.

Analogue cameras are typically plug-and-play, meaning there is no additional configuration required. Once the camera is plugged into a video and power source, the image is immediately displayed on the screen. There might be some rare cases where a simple surveillance solution is needed where there are a few cameras distributed in different directions and with several hundred meters/feet distance from the control room. In such cases, if there is no network infrastructure available, one might still consider an analogue camera solution for the sake of lower costs of implementation.