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Techzone offers our customers a comprehensive range of Access control system products which provides technology that’s capable of delivering advanced security solutions from the simplest to the most challenging ones.

Get your Access Control Solutions in Dubai, at your favourite tech-outlet, Techzone. 

Techzone Technologies LLC offers an exclusive range of IP, wireless and battery powered access control systems. As an Access Control Systems Reseller in UAE, we strive to provide the most reliable and trustworthy security systems with top- notch services. We are among the front runners of Access Control System Distributors in Dubai, which provides high-technology expertise to limiting access and developing brilliant security measures by collaborating with the world’s best brands in access control Dubai, UAE. We are also authorized distributors and partners for various access control system brands in Dubai

Techzone provides a wide range of Biometric Access Control systems to secure physical and intellectual property. By installing Biometric Access Control systems we not only protect your physical or intellectual property but also increase the credibility among your customers. We at Techzone Technologies L.L.C take care of our customer’s security with utmost care to offer innovative solutions that would help build a long lasting trust & relation with us. This is in turn contributes to the trust placed by the end customer with our channel partners and also the reputation they earn based on the quality of products offered. Techzone offers state of the art, technologically advanced and economical Biometric Access control solutions in Dubai.

Our wide-range services include the principal single door access control solutions to highly complex integrated systems, which manage thousands of doors and alarm monitoring points at locations world-wide. Where security of a building or facility is of major importance, access control can provide organizations with full control over when and where staff, visitors or vehicles can be granted access or restricted. Techzone is one of the largest Access Control Systems Solutions Provider in Dubai, UAE. As Access Control Systems Supplier in Dubai, we at Techzone have configured processes integrated within the systems & computing access controls to perform predictive judgemental actions in order for identification, authentication, and access approval. 

The system can be deployed for secure admission through door entrances, parking gates, turnstiles, and lifts. The login credentials for these systems include passwords or PINs, cards or biometric scans. Techzone Technologies LLC is recognised as a premium partner of Access Control Systems Resellers in Dubai. As a Regional Distributor based in Dubai and reseller of high- quality brands such as these access control systems Dubai, we excel in supplying a wide variety of equipped and stable access control solutions to meet all commercial and industrial security requirements. Manual access control is a tiresome and exhausting process which is made easy by automated access control systems which monitor entry, exit and document time and place as well. Techzone Technologies LLC, Dubai, has made advances on the technological front to provide customers with an easily accessible and latest comprehensive solution.

Access Control for all business segments

Techzone Technologies LLC, Dubai, provides access control solutions in UAE which are deployed by small, large and medium enterprises alike across verticals comprising of high-tech, financial, educational, industrial, transportation, communication and government institutions globally. With a wide range of card based and Biometric access control systems for all industry verticals along with technical expertise, we remain to be the trusted distributor of genuine and reliable Access Control systems in Dubai, UAE.

Our security experts can understand and build a perfect solution for your requirements. We have a handful industry experience in providing integrated security solutions. We provide solutions to Access control system companies in Dubai to meet their security and attendance needs. We are the preferred vendor by most of the channel partners for access control UAE since we have always extended them support, while having the required expertise in engineering standalone and enterprise solutions.

Access Control Systems - Product Range

Techzone is leading provider of wide range of Access Control Systems Dubai, UAE. We are led by professionals with years of experience in the industry and known for highest quality services.

Non Biometric Access Control Systems

Non Biometric Access Control Systems

Card Reader eliminates the chance of a perpetrator stealing or finding a badge and thereby giving additional security


Biometric Access Control Systems

Biometric Access Control Systems

Biometrics Access Control ensure that employees cannot clock in for one another, thereby preventing employee time theft.



Quality and affordability are of utmost significance and we have ensured to take care of the same while offering all our product range to our valuable customers. Techzone Technologies LLC are authorised distributors, resellers and partners for premium brands of innovative IT, Security & Telecom products in Dubai. Some of the leading brands that we represent: